About me

Born in Tirol, Verena Tscherner was schooled in New Zealand and then returned to Austria graduating from the University of Music, Vienna with BA Hons. From October 2018 until June 2019 she was student at Schule Friedl Kubelka, the school for artistic photography in Vienna. Since October 2019 she studies digital art (Ruth Schnell) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Tscherner has since made Vienna her home town, and it is this city’s streets that she returns to again and again, as the focus for her Conceptual Art and Photography. Seen through the prism of both outsider and native, Tscherners unique and exacting eye seeks the poetry in the everyday. Long walks through the city streets are where she finds the dynamics of politics, psychology and human struggle all played out.  A continual search to offer the viewer alternative angles by which to reexperience the daily challenge of urban living make Tscherners work empowering both for others and herself.

Artist Statement

The issues in Tscherner’s artworks are diversified, but still have a common ground. Her artistic practice deals with humans and the effect on his inner life as well as his external world. Therefore Tscherner favourably discusses the psychological aspects of humanity and the human impact on his environment in her works. The artist is interested in the choice of perspective, the perception of individual realities and the imprint of reality, which she creates herself and thereby questions it. That’s why her work often deals with the question of handling digital media in the course of interpersonal communication and the thereof resulting flow of information within a sociocultural and a sociopolitical context. Tscherner’s favourite artistic media are multiple forms of photography. Her means of expression are analogue as well as digital photography and highly modern drone photography too. To enrich her spectre she doesn’t want to reduce herself only on the media photography. Therefore Tscherner often uses other materials too, which guide her to art objects and video installations to express her artistic concepts. 

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