About me

Born in Tyrol, Verena Tscherner moved to Vienna shortly after her graduation. She studied at the university of music (MDW) in Vienna and graduated in 2014. From October 2018 to June 2019 she made her photo-diploma at School Friedl Kubelka, school for artistic photography. Since 2019 Tscherner studies digital art, class Ruth Schnell as a second degree at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She lives and works as a freelance artist in Vienna.

Artist Statement

The issues in Tscherner’s artworks are diversified, but still have a common ground. Her artistic practice deals with humans and the experience of inner life as well as the external world. Tscherner discusses the psychological aspects of humanity and humans’ impact on their environment in her works. The artist is interested in the choice of perspective, the perception of individual realities and the imprint of reality, which she creates herself in order to question it. For this reason, her work often deals with the question of handling digital media in the course of interpersonal communication and the resulting flow of information within a sociocultural and a sociopolitical context. Tscherner’s favourite artistic media are multiple forms of photography. Her means of expression are analogue, digital, and highly modern drone photography. To enrich her spectrum, she doesn’t want to reduce herself by self-limiting to photographic media. Therefore, Tscherner often uses other materials too, which guide her to art objects and video installations to express her artistic concepts.

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