Go On, Throw Our Money Down The Drain


It’s all about connecting the terms money, money-laundering, embezzlement, corruption, … with popular right-wing politicians. The resulting wordplays are then transcribed to my own personal visual imagery. Coins are placed on specific locations of waste disposal and get photographed. In editing, a loveless sketch of the corresponding politician get’s placed over the photo. In an exhibition the resulting pictures are presented in form of election posters in the size of 80cm x 120cm, posters which you usually find at the roadside.

Political Background:

Right-wing populist, nationalist movements are getting stronger and stronger worldwide. But are people really aware of what voting for nationalistic politicans mean, especially for the financial situation of the state and our values? Let’s remember for a moment the times when in Austria the FPÖ was involved in a blue-black coalition (February 2000 until April 2005). What happened to our national budget? Was the money distributed more evenly throughout population, or was it that only some enriched themselves with the states money, a political agenda which until today the current government has still to iron out?

Personal Background:

With these works I as an artist wish to recall the mismanagement of the past ÖVP-FPÖ government. I want to make it clear to the viewer that slogans like “Austria for Austrians” are only a facade to exploit the state and the population, instead of – like promised – giving to the people who have nothing. In my opinion, right-wing politicians only want to be elected to enrich themselves through their newly gained power.

Since interpersonal arguments like solidarity, togetherness, humanity, … don’t count that much in a capitalistic society anymore, I as an artist try to adopt the capitalistic terms and argue with financial aspects while hoping to reach at least a few people, before everything really goes down the drain.

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