Human Emoticons


Emoticons (Emojis). Everybody knows them and most of us use them daily in various kinds of text messages. But how would they look like on an individual level, portrayed by those who use them? Can they still be recognised or distinguished?

The viewers look at a picture where a person is imitating five different emojis. At the exhibition opening, the attendees can vote on a card which five emojis are represented on the photo. The results of these votes will be presented during the exhibition closing event. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage the visitors to talk about an all virtual theme in real life.

In todays media society we all consume daily through smartphones or other devices. For me as artist therefore arises the question how close this communication can get to reality. Furthermore, I wanted to find out if we are already so distanced from real life communication that we can at all still recognise basic emotions (viewer) or express them (portrayed model). How much restricts the multimedia world us in our expressiveness? Or does it enrich us too in some degree? (Do emojis maybe even stimulate our imagination so we find new expressions for our emotions?)

To view a photo in its original size, click on the preview box 🙂 

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