Artist Statement

The issues in Tscherner’s artworks are wide-ranging, but nevertheless have a similar origin. Her works deal with people and their impact in the inner world as well as in the outer world. Tscherner prefers to deal with the psychological aspects of being human and its effects on the environment. She is therefore interested in the choice of perspective, the perception of individual realities and imprints of reality that she creates herself and thereby questions. That is why her works often deal with the question of how to deal with digital media in the course of interpersonal communication and the resulting flow of information within the socio-cultural and socio-political context. The artist’s preferred media are multiple forms of photography. Her means of expression are analogue and digital forms of photography, as well as drone photography. Nevertheless, in order to expand her spectrum, she does not allow herself to be limited to photography in its pure form. That is why she also uses materials that lead her to object-like and installative forms of expression of her concept. In her media art work, Tscherner prefers to place the viewer at the center of her interactive installations, allowing them to complete their work. The viewers are asked to leave their comfort zone and thus have the opportunity to experience themselves in a new way. The joy of experimenting not only occupies the artist herself, she also creates space and space in her works, which invite playful moments and joy of experimentation.






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