Selfie Cereals

an Instagram Selfie Filter Set by Margareta Klose & Verena Tscherner

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Selfie Cereals is a collective that was founded in 2020 by the artists Margareta Klose & Verena Tscherner in Vienna & Salzburg and deals with the dispositif of facial recognition in public, urban and digital space. Various digital selfie filters are being developed for Instagram, but also analogue ones, both with the aim of a permanent masquerade against systems of face detection by algorithms. CV Dazzle is a method of masking specific parts of the face to prevent detection. Passers-by in Salzburg are invited to try out the selfie filters and masquerade in a playful way using a QR code. The selfie filters act as a training tool for masquerade, for drag vs. face detection: #freakfacedetection!

Here you can find the documentation video.

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