Collective Action Viewer

interactive and participative media sculpture in public space with Joerg Auzinger

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The Collective Action Viewer challenges our viewing habits. Using the media sculpture Collective Action Viewer, Verena Tscherner and Joerg Auzinger deal with socio-political issues at their location. The Collective Action Viewer consists of a viewing telescope that challenges people’s perception and at the same time makes the effects of climate change visible in an artistic way and thus more comprehensible for the viewer. The telescope’s function is taken ad absurdum and the artists specify the detail and the view. A virtual flood scenario, only visible through a telescope, is dissolved by the viewer’s attention and refers to the individual’s ability to act. This project will be shown in public space as part of the Biennale for Change 2021 at Karlsplatz in Vienna, freely accessible to everyone.

At the moment on display:

Hall in Tiyol / Oberer Stadtplatz / 18.06 – 30.09. 2022


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