Welcome To Faketasy-Land

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In this series, Tscherner aims to wrestle back some sense of tranquility, calm and peace from the pervasive scream of advertisings’ incessant omnipresence; replacing its branded pornography with her own photography, she quietly asks, what is sacred now?

Can a lifetimes’ collection of studied and wellworn books, or a neatly linedup row of expectant yoga mats, become mere tropes for consumers searching for images portable on Instagram, with which to demand that the world know how wise we are, how welltravelled, how studious, how devoted……..

Through Tscherner’s insertion of her private observations into the public (imagined) space, we are able to reflect upon the faking of reality and question whether wisdom, devotion, and love can or should be bought or sold.

Text: Natalie Press

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