Agua de Beber

interactive video installation

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A screen hangs on the wall and as soon as the viewer looks at this screen, an interaction takes place using a Kinect. Before a person moves towards the screen, the screen only shows water droplets and haze, as well as various forms of fog. But when the viewer approaches the installation, he/she is integrated into the scenery via the camera and receives a “virtual” shower. The interaction also shows the virtual water rolling off the person’s head. Tscherner tries to offer the viewer a comfortable, warm and sheltered experience in the middle of the exhibition space.


Can an inner exchange about one’s own everyday habits arise from getting in contact with Agua de Beber?

Can a “private” moment be created in a semi-public space (gallery) through one’s own presence in Agua de Beber?

Can contact with Agua de Beber initiate a dialogue or discourse on drinking water as a raw material?




Technical Support: Joerg Auzinger, Stefano D’Alessio

User: Mehrdad Derafshi

Video & Music: Verena Tscherner

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