Do You See What I See?

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Reality is meant to be what we seem to see. Your reality is different from mine. Can we look at the same photograph and both see the same objects, the same details in it? And if we see the same objects and details, do we have the same connotation regarding them?


Verena Tscherner addresses these questions in her work “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?” by asking the viewer to witness a little more than usual. What seem to be memories from a photo album, are only from a supposed, unreal journey. The viewer notices that something is wrong in these pictures, but what it is does not reveal itself. Anyone who dares to take a second or even a third look could spot the trick. The truth is that digital processing cannot be ruled out for these photo works. Each of these images has at least one, and usually several, signs of the dissolution of the background. Mini (small)- Mundus (world). This is the solution. If you can’t reconcile this solution, you can search for Minimundus online. Every picture is a combination of found footage from the internet AND an original view from the small, replica model world in Klagenfurt.

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