Stadt, Land, Fluss…

Photoseries and (3D) artifacts

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Stopping natural decay with the help of an artificial plastic skin. Verena Tscherner decontextualizes industrial packaging technology in order to preserve objects from their environment on the one hand and to accentuate the contrast between nature and artifact on the other. The things that are collected, vacuumed and photographed in this process may not have a long-term place in our changing ecosystem. Thus, these objects are also an image of our time, which Verena Tscherner tries to systematize and archive with her project. The process of collecting has a playful character which is reflected in the title Stadt, Land, Fluss…. During last year’s lockdown, we were forced to slow down. The world held its breath – and so did Verena Tscherner’s natural objects. The vacuumed artefacts are presented together with the photos in a spatial installation. In addition, three of the artifacts have been digitized and can be experienced as 3D objects via the Artificial Museum.

Can a new form of mindfulness lead to an appreciation of the small things in the natural environment for the person observing them?


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