Solution existentielle

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The photo series “Solution existentielle” refers to the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett, which was published in 1952. All subjects embody the human need for the arrival of a salvific prophet or other benefactor. Human existence is figured as a borderline situation between life and death.

The subjects are figures who insist on clinging to the eternally disappointing illusion of waiting, or who, in tragicomic helplessness, cover up the certainty of their own decay. Running into the void, figures turning in circles, and an end that leaves little hope- these characteristics do not exactly spread optimism and trust in the existence of meaning in human life. By using these motifs, Tscherner’s work also questions human existence. With the caption “Immobilité réaliste”, Tscherner shows how real a standstill is, or can be.

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