It’s All Just A Matter Of Perspective

There are always 2 contrasting pictures (diptych). One picture shows a room which represents a human in a seemingly hopeless situation. Such a situation can inspire people to build castles in the air, to wish for a place, where it is better, a place where where all dreams come true. This side of the series is called “Everything I want, is a lot”. This person imagines a landscape which she can see through the windows. Placed in this landscape are persons and situations which help to boost the castle in the air. Happy people having a good time and spoiling themselves.

In contrast to this a photography is placed which shows the same landscape, but the room and the perspective is different. The person in this picture lives in a seemingly perfect situation, is rich, has everything und lives in luxury. This side of the series is called “Everything I got, is a lot”. But in the background are horrific scenes playing. The viewers can see e.g. war scenes, a sinking boat with refugees or an exploding oil drilling tower. Though, these persons seem to have a certain apathy to the scenes happening outside their small perfect world.

What’s it all about: The viewer should get a clear sense that everything is just a matter of perspective. The series is a critique of society und wants to make clear that not everything shiny is worth something. The beholder should be proposed to look at what they have and not only strive for things they don’t, they should reflect on everything good that’s already in their lives since there are two sides to every story. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, appearances are deceptive. The viewer should also be inspired to think about their social situation and if it is really as bad as maybe perceived, if their own fortune isn’t nearer than expected.

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