Self-portrait series – Not every day can be a good day

I started this photo series because I wanted to put out a statement against positivism in social media. Starting with myself, I wanted to put an end to the exclusively happy images of me and start showing more lifelike day-to-day pictures. I want to demonstrate that my moods and emotions fluctuate, which for me is profoundly human. Therefore I now try to distance myself from the image of this seemingly perfect world, which I myself initiated and held up on Facebook and Instagram for so long. It will take daily effort, on some days more, on others less, but exactly this is why it’s important to me. #realitycheck (09-11-17)

Do you know this feeling that not everyday’s the same? On some you feel better, on some not so well. Why do we only share the happy moments on social media, instead of painting a more realistic picture of our lives? For me, the societal culture of a fear of failure is no longer worthwhile or desirable. In the opposite, it discourages and even deprives you of every chance to learn something knew – every day. That’s why I decided to make myself this present of courage: to take on the fear of failure. The following is a brief glimpse into my current art project. #realitycheck (13-11-17)

Today it was really hard to continue this series. I really intended to smile, but the smile wouldn’t show itself. Why I intended to smile? Because I noticed that the pictures of the last two days may appear neutral or sad, and an internal voice started to question if it’s okay to continue with such or a similar expression. Letting people on social media know you’re not in the best mood for two days in a row is one thing, but a third day may start to get unbearable or at least irritating for many.

My art lives and becomes livelier from sharing it with people. It’s always interactive to a certain extend. I am not talking simply about approval or a popularity contest. In effect, it’s more about confrontation. I can’t force anyone to like or approve what I do. It’s not even necessary that the viewer shares my opinion. For me, it’s far more crucial to address sociopolitical issues and issues of media politics and observe the effect of my own kind of altercation and what it may trigger in the beholder. #realitycheck (14-11-17)


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Single Works


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Human Emoticons – Interactive photo exhibition


Emoticons (Emojis). Everybody knows them and most of us use them daily in various kinds of text messages. But how would they look like on an individual level, portrayed by those who use them? Can they still be recognised or distinguished?

The viewers look at a picture where a person is imitating five different emojis. At the exhibition opening, the attendees can vote on a card which five emojis are represented on the photo. The results of these votes will be presented during the exhibition closing event. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage the visitors to talk about an all virtual theme in real life.

In todays media society we all consume daily through smartphones or other devices. For me as artist therefore arises the question how close this communication can get to reality. Furthermore, I wanted to find out if we are already so distanced from real life communication that we can at all still recognise basic emotions (viewer) or express them (portrayed model). How much restricts the multimedia world us in our expressiveness? Or does it enrich us too in some degree? (Do emojis maybe even stimulate our imagination so we find new expressions for our emotions?)


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It’s All Just A Matter Of Perspective

There are always 2 contrasting pictures (diptych). One picture shows a room which represents a human in a seemingly hopeless situation. Such a situation can inspire people to build castles in the air, to wish for a place, where it is better, a place where where all dreams come true. This side of the series is called “Everything I want, is a lot”. This person imagines a landscape which she can see through the windows. Placed in this landscape are persons and situations which help to boost the castle in the air. Happy people having a good time and spoiling themselves.

In contrast to this a photography is placed which shows the same landscape, but the room and the perspective is different. The person in this picture lives in a seemingly perfect situation, is rich, has everything und lives in luxury. This side of the series is called “Everything I got, is a lot”. But in the background are horrific scenes playing. The viewers can see e.g. war scenes, a sinking boat with refugees or an exploding oil drilling tower. Though, these persons seem to have a certain apathy to the scenes happening outside their small perfect world.

What’s it all about: The viewer should get a clear sense that everything is just a matter of perspective. The series is a critique of society und wants to make clear that not everything shiny is worth something. The beholder should be proposed to look at what they have and not only strive for things they don’t, they should reflect on everything good that’s already in their lives since there are two sides to every story. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, appearances are deceptive. The viewer should also be inspired to think about their social situation and if it is really as bad as maybe perceived, if their own fortune isn’t nearer than expected.


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As A Matter Of Focus – Photo series

This series was inspired by an assignment from a photography textbook, which was all about using the focus more creatively. On several walks through urban spaces, I developed a heightened artistic awareness.

This series is tied up to an earlier series called “It’s All Just A Matter Of Perspective” – “Alles eine Sache der Perspektive”. It was important to me to draw attention to messages, which were publicly present on much frequented sites but often don’t gain any conscious awareness (like – often politically motivated – stickers). To reverse or even break up the often restricted perception of daily live, the surroundings should remain unclear and blurred.

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Go On, Throw Our Money Down The Drain


It’s all about connecting the terms money, money-laundering, embezzlement, corruption, … with popular right-wing politicians. The resulting wordplays are then transcribed to my own personal visual imagery. Coins are placed on specific locations of waste disposal and get photographed. In editing, a loveless sketch of the corresponding politician get’s placed over the photo. In an exhibition the resulting pictures are presented in form of election posters in the size of 80cm x 120cm, posters which you usually find at the roadside.

Political Background:

Right-wing populist, nationalist movements are getting stronger and stronger worldwide. But are people really aware of what voting for nationalistic politicans mean, especially for the financial situation of the state and our values? Let’s remember for a moment the times when in Austria the FPÖ was involved in a blue-black coalition (February 2000 until April 2005). What happened to our national budget? Was the money distributed more evenly throughout population, or was it that only some enriched themselves with the states money, a political agenda which until today the current government has still to iron out?

Personal Background:

With these works I as an artist wish to recall the mismanagement of the past ÖVP-FPÖ government. I want to make it clear to the viewer that slogans like “Austria for Austrians” are only a facade to exploit the state and the population, instead of – like promised – giving to the people who have nothing. In my opinion, right-wing politicians only want to be elected to enrich themselves through their newly gained power.

Since interpersonal arguments like solidarity, togetherness, humanity, … don’t count that much in a capitalistic society anymore, I as an artist try to adopt the capitalistic terms and argue with financial aspects while hoping to reach at least a few people, before everything really goes down the drain.

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From Another Time – Photo series

Walks through inner-city disctrics are a preferred method to train the photographic eye. For me as an artist, the purpose of this series was to draw attention to the interplay between tradition and modernity. As such, this series contains pictures as metaphors for the interplay that constitutes itself in the cityscape. According to my opinion, there is often a simultaneity between traditional and modern elements in Austrian cities, whether be it architectural, infrastructural or recognisable in the urban landscape. The titles themselves are wordplays with nostalgic value referring to tv series, songs or phrases from childhood days.

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