Interactive 3D animation

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What connection exists between an oil barrel and an airport conveyor belt? Both serve technologies and habits deeply ingrained in our daily routines, thus contributing to rapid climate change. Facts tell us that global aviation generates 900 million CO² emissions every year, with 20% from cargo flights and 80% from passenger flights. Through the image of a barrel on a conveyor belt, Passage² playfully reflects an image of our struggling selves on this planet in these critical times.

A horizontal display of two screens leaning against the wall, arranged side by side at ground level, presents a 3D image of a typical airport conveyor belt extending across both screens in a close-up view.

Immediately above, a wall-mounted sensor detects motion signals. Whenever an observer comes within the sensor’s range, the 3D image comes to life. An empty oil barrel enters the scene and rolls onto the conveyor belt. As the viewer passes from left to right in front of the display, the barrel rolls in the opposite direction, and vice versa when moving from right to left. Furthermore, the barrel appears to elude the viewer while simultaneously being unable to escape the conveyor belt.

The increasing interaction of passersby with the installation gradually alters the animation. Initially, the barrel spills a small amount of crude oil and continues to spill more as activity reaches its peak. With even more people entering the environment, the release of crude oil gradually slows down until it seems to run out entirely. The cycle repeats endlessly.

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